A two-pound ball of calico fluff when she came to Lake Parkway Animal Hospital in April 2005, Spot was one of three kittens rescued along with their mother. Plans were made to place each cat into a loving home. One kitten was adopted along with the mother and another was adopted by one of our technicians. Spot, however, was a different story. She was taken in by a wonderful family, but threw such a tantrum at her new home that she was immediately returned to her beloved Lake Parkway Animal Hospital, where she has maintained residence ever since. Though she doesn't pay rent or her share of the utility bills, she boasts such a large fan club that she now has her own email address in order to keep her in the "Spot-light." You can email her at She has a hard time typing with her finely manicured claws, so her staff (also known as our receptionists) types replies for her. Spot graciously deigns to share her celebrity with these fine ladies, so feel free to email Chris, Ashley, Rebecca, or Heather at the same address.